Investigation Head

Additional Superintendent Of Police. (R)


The Detective Agency purely service relates to investigation, Money Cheating, Financial Company Fraud Detection below is the main objectives:

To Locate the Missing/Absconding NPA defaulter and ascertain their present occupation, Income streams etc. To un earth the unchanged properties of the NPA defaulters for recovery actions and documentary evidence thereof.

Various experience of financial service. To indentify the properties alienated. Transferred by the NPA defaulters to their family members/others during the currency of loan from the bank.

To ascertain the details of any business of the NPA defaulters. To find out details of Bank accounts being maintain by the NPA defaulters.

To locate the addresses of the missing/according NPA defaulters including their legal heirs.

Collecting advance intelligence information from any ongoing or planning for crime, Fraud, Cheating etc., and up to date the management with suitable counter measures.

Finance Company/Fraud/Cheating/To ascertains the Utilization/diversion of funds by the defaulters which are availed from the finance company.

Developing liaison with external authorities like customs, Central excise, police, Forest service, Fire Service, District administration, Civil defence, Counter part of nearby organizations etc and internal authorities like management employee’s contractors etc.


  • Bank Rules and Regulations including Bank related Acts.
  • Security Cost Control
  • Man Management
  • Creating Security policy
  • Introducing Watching Tower
  • Solar Fencing and lighting
  • Day Vision and night Vision
  • Labour Laws

  • Children Act
  • Human Rights Act
  • Special and Local Law including I.P.C, Crpc
  • Bank Rules and Regulations and Administrator.